356 Registry Event Insurance

The 356 Registry maintains a general $1M policy as protection for Holiday and Event organizers put on by regional clubs and Registry members. While a member's individual auto policy covers them during any drives/tours, etc. the 356 Registry's insurance is meant to cover the members, officers and volunteers and the 356 Registry in the event something happens which may expose them to a liability as organizers. After all, we want to encourage members to organize fun gatherings around our 356s so this insurance provides piece of mind to those organizers. Some have asked what events are appropriate to insure. While going to a location for a regular regional club meeting is probably not something to worry about, if you are having a car show at a venue or a specific organized driving event or tour for Registry members and you are the organizer, you should request coverage. The 356 Registry will pay the specific event insurance costs for normal events up to 250 people provided the organizers submit the appropriately filled out form within 30 days of the event and return the release/waiver signature sheets at the completion of the event. Contact Jim Liberty to request coverage.

Please get coverage for your event if it is twelve (12) participants or more, you must fill out the event insurance form below and submit it to Jim Liberty 30 days prior to the event. See the detailed instructions below.

356 Registry Event Insurance Form

Instructions for filling out the 356 Registry's master insurance policy event coverage form

Note: All event organizers must be current 356 Registry members. Non-members will not have liability coverage under this policy (although the event will be covered for incidental damage caused by non-members to the extent that the policy allows).

Fill out the following sections of the K&K Event Insurance Form B as follows:

1. Name of insured club:

356 Registry

c/o Jim Liberty

1638 Babcock Street, Suite F

Costa Mesa, CA92627

2.Date of Event:

3.Event location:

4.Type of Event – Car shows/tours would be under “other". Attach a Schedule of Events and write in “See attached Schedule of Events" on the line.List approximate attendance expected (number of people, not cars).

5.Leave blank.

6.Premium is calculated per the following table.

Type of Event

·Car shows, Guided Tours, Poker/Toy Runs, Rally, Caravans(no rides)

Event Attendance (people)

per event premium

1 - 250


251 - 500


501 - 1500


1501 – 3000


Add Mileage for event

additional premium

51 – 100 mi

additional 10% of premium

101 – 200 mi

additional 15% of premium

201 – 300 mi

additional 20% of premium

over 301 mi

additional 25% of premium

·Autocross/Gymkhana………….. $356.18 per event

Note: Most self-guided sightseeing tours such as those which occur during Registry Holidays are included in the general policy and usually do not require an added premium. Check with Jim Liberty if in doubt.

7.Additional insureds may include hotels, venue land owners, etc. If you are an event organizer, you do not need to include yourself as you will be automatically covered for event liability as a 356 Registry member/organizer (with the submittal and approval of this form).

8.List certificates required (hotel and other venues may require this).

9.You MUST get the release/waiver forms from the Registry insurance liaison, Jim Liberty. The forms must be originals and not copied in any way. After the event is complete, send the release/waiver forms to Jim Liberty and the 356 Registry will keep them on file.

10.List your contact information here so K&K can provide the necessary coverage documents.

11.Event venue photos/diagrams are only needed for competitive events such as autocross/hill climbs, etc.

12.Sign the form near the bottom where indicated.Also, date the form.

Send the completed K&K Event Insurance Form B along with your event premium check, made payable to “K&K Insurance," to:

Jim Liberty

1638 Babcock Street, Suit F

Costa Mesa, CA92627

Phone: 949-375-1888


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