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Love the Porsche 356?

You don’t have to own a 356 to become a Member...anyone interested in the original Porsche model is welcome. We offer many resources to decide if one is right for you, find a good one, and to help maintain and enjoy your car if you are lucky enough to be an owner.

The 356 Registry is an officially licensed car club by Porsche and its aim is to promote interest and the perpetuation of this special car. 

It is the largest Porsche 356 car club with nearly 7,000 members in 40 countries worldwide, who have access to the worlds best and most complete resource for everything 356. No matter what your interest – social, driving, restoring, collecting – the 356 Registry has something for you. 

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Look how much fun it is!

Matt Hummel drives his 1956 coupe on adventures where pickup truck owners won't go. He says, “This is my favorite car to get lost in.” (6:41) 
Why does Catherine Sutton love to drive her 1964 Porsche 356? She is happy to explain... (2:43)

Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld discuss the "key to driving," their mutual car obsession, and how the Speedster is the "essence of sports car perfection". (1:31)

Membership Benefits

You’ll receive six issues of the Porsche 356 Registry Magazine annually and access to over 250 back issues. Learn about the history of the 356, get advice on buying, restoring and maintaining the cars, 356 auction reports, and more. More than 5000 magazine articles are individually searchable in the website document library!

You'll be eligible to attend local and national club events and driving tours.  356 Registry Holidays have been our premier event since 1975 and are regularly held on the East and West Coast, and many places in-between. Participation in many of the larger Regional Club events requires membership in our Club because of insurance coverage.

The 356 Garage Technical Library offers members-only access to the largest and most complete resource of historical and technical information available from any club. The searchable library holds over 6000 PDFs, including factory shop manuals, parts books, and every article from over 250 issues of the Club magazine. Topic-specific pages guide you to the best information sources to answer your questions.

Buy and sell on our Members-only Classifieds - access cars and parts only sold member to member. Some of the rarest items pop up on our classifieds ads...but act you must quickly!

Post on the 356Talk Forum where you can get fast, personalized advice from experienced members and experts. Our Forum is a huge database of 356 knowledge including areas for Outlaws, 4-Cams, Authenticity, Product announcements and more. You can follow member journeys turning a rusty shell into a like-new 356…with all the details of the metalwork, mechanicals, paint and interior. Ask questions or read posts to get the answers you need to buy, fix, maintain or restore cars.

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Membership Cost

Membership is available with various options:

1 year: $55 USA; $65 Canada/Mexico; $75 Outside North America

2 years: $110 USA; $130 Canada/Mexico; $150 Outside North America

3 years: $165 USA; $230 Canada/Mexico; $225 Outside North America

Membership dues are payable in U.S. funds by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Please contact the membership office at  304-935-0356 or send an email to the Club Coordinator if another payment method is necessary.

Dues include six issues of the Porsche 356 Registry magazine per year.

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