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Technical Library

The Library contains Porsche 356 technical resources organized by topic, including factory documents, 5000+ magazine articles, 300+ web articles, indexes, and more.  

While these materials were produced by trustworthy individuals, the Porsche 356 Registry cannot warranty the safety or accuracy of these materials; use at your own risk.

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Three ways to find information quickly

Master Index of Topics

The Index of Topics is organized using the same conventions as the Factory Parts Catalogs and is designed for significant growth. At launch it has about 300 links (web articles from the old website) but will expand to 1000's. As resources are identified on common topics, they will be organized on individual topic pages available only to members. 

An example, complimentary for visitors:

Zenith 32 NDIX Topic Page

We need volunteers to help us review, update, and organize content and build out this index, which will eventually have hundreds of topic pages. Please visit the New Website Guide page to learn how you can help. 

Click on the down arrow symbols to expand the index.

Document Library

Another way to find information is to search the document library for individual files. The Document Library holds over 6000 PDFs, including factory shop manuals, parts catalogs, and every article from over 250 issues of the Club magazine. Search using master tags or text within the title, description, and author fields.

Document Library

Document search help PDF

356Talk Forum

The forum has nearly 400,000 posts and 50GB of photos on many topics, including restoration, maintenance, and all the minutia of keeping these cars on the road. When you post a question or reply to an existing thread, members who posted often get a notification, so even after years you can re-ignite the conversation.

Search the 356Talk Forum
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1 - Engine
1 - Engine

Engine - General

Index V1-25 Engine (PDF)

Index V1-25 Exhaust (PDF)

Index V1-25 Fuel System (PDF)

Harry Pellow - "The Maestro"

Indexed Engine Topics


Crankshaft and connecting rods


Connecting rods


Throwout bearing swap

Cylinder head, cylinders and pistons

How to Find a Bad Engine Cylinder

Compression Ratio

Big Bore Pistons - Torque vs. Horsepower

Valve Gear



Rocker Arms



Air cooling and shroud


Fan Shroud Colors

Cooling fan

Fan Blade Failure


Engine lubrication

Oil Pump

Oil Filters Topic Page

Oil pickup and sump screen

Solving Sump Plate Oil Leaks

Carburetor and fuel supply

Solex 40 PII Topic Page


Setting up Weber 40's

Fabricating Weber Fuel Lines

Velocity Stacks — For Looks, For Power, or Both

Weber Carburetors - Installation and Tuning

Zenith 32 NDIX Topic Page


Fuel Pump - Topic Page

Throttle Linkage

A Systematic Approach to Full Throttle

John Jenkins' Engine Won't Come Back to Idle (My Boomerang Won't Come Back)

Fuel Cock

Fuel Valve FAQ

Air Cleaners

Performance enhancements

Electrical equipment

Distributor Topic Page

Spark plugs

Spark Plugs

Changing Spark Plugs

Twin Plug Ignition in the 356 Engine

Spark plug wires


Starter Topic Page


Generator Removal

6 Volt to 12 Volt Conversion: Late 912 or VW Large Diameter Generator

Voltage regulator

Voltage Regulator Adjustment

Exhaust system

Debunking the Myth of the Sport Muffler

Exhaust Comparison Test With Dyno Data

Muffler Performance Comparison


Flywheel, seals, and gland nut

Reconditioning Flywheels

Clutch disk

Pressure plate

Throwout bearing

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2 - Transmission
2 - Transmission

Transmission - General

Index V1-25 Clutch

Index V1-25 Transmission

Vic Skirmants

Indexed Transmission Topics

Clutch release mechanism

Clutch Alignment

Transmission housing

Transmission Identification

Gears and shafts

Gearing Graphs


Differential Side Shim Thickness Determination from Initial Backlash Measurement

Limited slip differential

741 Transmission

Porsche 356 Transaxle Upgrades

644 Transmission

519 Transmission

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4 - Fuel Tank, Instruments, Road Wheels, Tools
4 - Fuel Tank, Instruments, Road Wheels, Tools
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6 - Bumpers, Hoods, Doors
6 - Bumpers, Hoods, Doors

Bumpers, Hood, Doors - General

Index V1-25 Body

Indexed Bumpers, Hood, Doors Topics

Bumpers front and rear

Front and rear hoods with accessories

Hood Seal Installation

Doors with accessories

Door Striker Plate Removal

No-Weld Door Bottom Repair

Window frames, door, vent wings and door windowpanes

Removal, Repair and Reinstallation of the 356C Window Regulator

Window Regulator Pivot Pin Replacement

Sliding roof

Golde Sunroof Installation Manual

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8 - Soft and Hard Tops
8 - Soft and Hard Tops

Soft and Hard Tops - General

Index V1-25 Body

Indexed Soft and Hard Tops Topics

Folding top - Cabriolet

Top equipment - Cabriolet

Folding top - Roadster

Top equipment - Roadster

Hard top

The 356 “Hardtop”

356 Porsche Removable Hardtops

Karmann Hardtop Notchback Coupe

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9 - Electrical Equipment - Body
9 - Electrical Equipment - Body
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* Misc Including 4-Cam
* Misc Including 4-Cam

Misc Including 4-Cam - General

Index V1-25 4-Cam

Index V1-25 Misc

Index V1-25 Switches tools

Indexed Misc Including 4-Cam Topics


356Talk - Rubber trim kits

Topics on the most commonly asked questions

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