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Outlaw Porsche 356

Hot Rods or "Restomods" are common in the classic car world; owners seek to make their car more interesting, improve performance, and demonstrate their individuality. Gary Emory is credited with coining the term "Outlaws" for modified Porsche 356s... Gary's father was a well known Hot Rod Customizer back in the 50's in Los Angeles. 

What defines an Outlaw? There isn't a hard and fast definition. Some members say they know it when they see it...some of it is just attitude. Body modifications, engine swaps, different wheels, transmission or brake swaps and custom styling touches are often found on an Outlaw 356.

Registry Member Kevin Wills offered the insight: "If the purists are angry with what you have done to a 356, it is an Outlaw."

Kustom Karrera

A famous early car that certainly qualifies as an Outlaw was Dean Jefferies "Kustom Karrera" - a heavily modified 356 Carerra coupe featured in V44 Issue 3 of the Registry Magazine. Author Lee Raskin writes: Dean redesigned a basic 1956 Porsche Carrera coupe to make it “super” in every respect, while only enhancing the Porsche’s inherent beauty. Today, the Kustom Karrera Koupe has been recognized as the original “Outlaw” 356 Porsche, although Dean would have argued that his redesigned Porsche was simply an expression of his artistic ability to “polish a jewel.”

Gregory Campbell

Many talented members have built their own cars. Gregory's 1960 Roadster is a brilliant example...he's owned it since 1988 and did the build in 1997. All work including engine, transmission, brakes, welding, bodywork and paint was self-performed! The engine is a 1720cc with full flow oil filter and the transmission has updated synchros with a short shift kit. The car is lowered and decambered front and rear, and sports 356C disk brakes, magnesium torque thrust wheels with 195-60 tires. Stylistic features include a thru the hood gas filler, GT decos, spyder mirrors and speedster seats.

Emory Motorsports

Probably the most famous builder of Outlaw Porsche 356 cars is Emory Motorsports, owned by Rod Emory. Out of his shop in California he builds highly developed and bespoke cars to order, including for famous owners like Hurley Haywood and John Oates. Most are powered by a 911 derived 4 cylinder motor making from 200 to as much as 400HP!

Emory Motorsports' Rod Emory Shares His Passion for the Porsche 356.

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