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Regional Porsche 356 Clubs

The Porsche 356 Registry has over 6800 members in 40+ countries. Many regional Porsche 356 Clubs located around the world provide opportunities for local events, help, and fellowship. They work cooperatively with the Porsche 356 Registry and we encourage our members to join at least one regional club and meet your local 356 enthusiasts.

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Find a Regional Club

There are 3 methods available to find regional clubs:

   1. Click on the button for a Region to jump to a list of clubs that includes detailed information.
   2. Scroll down for the full list of Clubs.
   3. Click on the Map below to go to an interactive map-based Club finder. Help searching the Map here - PDF

Region: US East

Potomac 356 Owner's Group is a low-key organization of Porsche 356 owners and enthusiasts based in the greater Washington DC metro area, with members from DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia. There are no club officers. We run the activities of the club (car shows, tech sessions, driving events) by steering committee. We usually meet for brunch on the first Sunday of every even-numbered month (see the Events section for more details).


Sandy Kemper  301-585-0897

356 Mid Atlantic


Dan Haden

The Porsche 356 Southern Connecticut Register draws its members from the NY, NJ, and CT regions and is very active with monthly events throughout the year, including an annual Gathering of the Faithful, which has been held since 1986.


Alvin Tuck

Type 356 NE Club badge
Typ 356 NE is a regional affiliate of the 356 Registry. Our club sponsors a number of social, technical, and driving events each year, and encourages its members to participate as a group in other vintage and Porsche events held throughout New England. The club hosts an annual Winter Celebration, Spring Tour, numerous drives, plus social events and tech sessions.


Allen Sisson, President      617.921.0532
Ed Tobolski, VP and Newsletter Editor

Region: US Midwest

Group 356 St. Louis Region


Mark Todorovich  314-444-1962

Based in the Chicago area, the Midwest 356 Club draws its membership from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. Club members have a broad range of experience in many aspects of 356 care and ownership. Sharing that knowledge with other members is a primary objective.

General membership meetings are held once per month the year round.
Normally our meetings are on the third Saturday of the month.


Paul Masanek  847-406-9415

Wisconsin 356 Club


Jim Bach  414-688-6604

356 Motor Cities Gruppe
356 Motor Cities Gruppe has about 120 members in the Southeast Michigan. We no longer produce a newsletter, but all info about our events is online at at the bottom of the page, click to join. You will be sent info about events.


Barbara Skirmants  810.688.9090

The Drei Staaten Gruppe is a very active 75 member group drawing members from Southwest Ohio, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeast and Central Indiana. Their members can help with 356 pre-purchase evaluations. Some of their activities include:

Monthly Zoom video calls for all Members
Periodic in person Lunches, group meetings Country Drives
Annual Bull Session & Family Picnic
Annual Year End Holiday Gathering Car show participation, e.g. local PCA and municipal events
Ultimate 356 Driving Tour - organized by Fred Uhlmann

They also have experienced members who can help with 356 pre-purchase evaluations.

Contacts:  Peter Boettcher 513- 720-3562  -or- Stan Yarrish Stan Yarrish 


Region: US South

The 356 Southern Owners Group


Gordy Smith 630-244-7470 

Tennessee Tubs Logo
Join The Tennessee Tubs to share your passion and gain more knowledge about 356 and vintage Porsche sports cars. We are an informal group based in Nashville that is committed to everything related to the Porsche 356. We are a Porsche 356 group that frequently participates in Porsche 356 Registry events.


Nate J. Greene

Thunder Road Tubs is a smaller club based around the Knoxville TN area focused on drives and social events. Membership is free.

Jim Johnston  334.740.0839

The Porsche 356 Florida Owners Group (FOG) is now over 240 members strong residing all over the U.S. and invite all 356 enthusiasts to join our club.

The Porsche 356 Florida Owners Group (FOG) had its start in March of 1993 when the founders got tired of waiting for someone else to start a club. The inaugural meeting at the Collier Automotive Museum in Naples drew about thirty-five 356s and sentiment for forming the club was unanimous.


Alan Winer  904-436-5085

Region: US Southwest

The Arizona Outlaws is a very active club (150 members) with monthly gatherings and weekend driving events. These events typically draw participants from across Arizona and California, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. We meet the first Sunday of each month for coffee and a 356 drive to lunch. At least twice per year we create 3 or 4 day driving events to various locations in Arizona and New Mexico. Membership is free and a monthly newsletter is offered.


Scott Evans  602.622.8625 -or-
Bob Mulica    704-361-9407


The 356 Tub Club started in 1988 when a group of 356 Porsche enthusiasts, wanting to enjoy, maintain or restore their Porsches, met at Zim's Autotechnik in Bedford TX. Club activities include monthly breakfasts, tours, swap meets, tech sessions and shop visits. Weekend tours may be planned in the spring and fall. The club has no formal organization, constitution or bylaws.

Anyone with an interest in Porsche 356s, or for that matter any Porsche engineered vehicle, is welcome. There are about 80 members, mostly from North East Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.


George Maffey  940.597.1236

The Lone Star 356 Club is based in Houston Texas and is an informal social club with no dues. Members meet monthly for exchanging technical experiences and other stories at either a brunch or a scenic drive to lunch.  In addition to attending events listed on the Registry calendar, some members participate in local PCA concours and others in regional driving events such as the Lone Star 912 Club get togethers and the annual Hill Country Rallye.


Mark Roth     281-844-4259
Peter Burger 

Zia 356

We are more or less centered around Albuquerque, NM, but have members in Santa Fe, Las Cruces, and other places around the state of New Mexico. 

The club meets regularly for breakfast on the first Saturday of every month, we have a few drives throughout the year, a Christmas party, etc.  There is a smaller group that gets together every Saturday.  Like most 356 clubs, there is a lot of member help with each other to maintain cars, source parts, share advice etc.  We mingle with the Arizona Outlaws quite a bit, given our shared geography.  

David Gensler  505-867-7669                    

Region: US West

356 club logo
The 356 Club is the largest regional 356 club in the world – with approximately 750 members. While we are Southern California based, the club has attracted members from throughout the US, Canada and countries around the world. Many of our members have joined because of its excellent coverage of Porsche 356 events through its magazine and website.


Michael Puldy  303.408.9467


356CAR logo grill badge
356CAR (California Alta Region) considers itself the 356 Porsche club of Northern California. Most of our 300 members are between Monterey to Sacramento. Membership is $15/yr or $25 if you want a printed newsletter.

We host many events: 1st Saturday monthly Breakfast meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area, 2nd Saturday monthly Breakfast meetings in the Sacramento Area and 5th Saturday Breakfast meetings in the Monterey Bay area. We also put on several driving tours a year as well as Tech Sessions and social gatherings.


Kim Nelson, President  916.337.7716 -or-
Bob Cannon


California Central Coast 356 Club


Martin Howell  805- 544-5389

Founded in 1994, the Porsche 356 Group NW, covering Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Alaska and British Columbia, is an organization for Porsche owners and enthusiasts to enjoy and share the 356 Porsche experience. The Group organizes drives, meet-ups, lunch or breakfast meetings in all regions, plus we hold one annual all-club and friends "Bull Session." Normally held in June, the 356 Group NW Bull Session attracts 356's from many states drawing upwards of 100 cars.


Stephen Miller 503-313-6908 

Sierra 356 Club


Richard Bartlett

The Rocky Mountain 356 Club has been having fun with these little machines for nearly thirty-five years! We invite you to look through this site and come join us!

In your midst will be Pikes Peak Hill Climb racers, Manhattan Trophy concours winners, SCCA Champs and the best parts, service and fabrication contacts in the nation, but mostly, we are just 356 enthusiasts who love to drive these machines! Ownership not required, just bring your enthusiasm!

Bob Little (303) 669-3159

Visit Website

The Hawaii 356 Club has about 60 members and draws members from, you guessed it, Hawaii with a focus on the island of Oahu. They have monthly meets for drives or tech sessions, and always organize a DY356 day outing. They publish a monthly newsletter and there is no cost to join.


Rick Woltz   808.445.2293
Bill Simmons

Region: Canada and Mexico

Maple Leaf 356 Club of Canada


Dave Whittick - 905-429-8756

The PORSCHE MEXICO AC CLUB, together with other recently formed Sports Car clubs, formed "The National Commission for Vintage Collection Sports Cars AC", thus forming part of the Mexican Federation of Sports Motoring AC and as a consequence of CODEME.

Currently the Porsche Club has more than 100 members and with the opening of the new Porsche Agencies in Mexico we hope that this number will increase without losing the original concept of the Club that is based in the first place on the friendship of the members, the integration of their families together with the pleasure of enjoying their "German Jewels".

Contacts:  -or-

Region: Europe

Lovers of the Porsche models 356, 550 and 904 have come together in the Porsche 356 Club Deutschland eV. Their main goal is to preserve and care for these vehicles. In addition, the implementation of tourist, sporting and social events as well as driving safety training connects the members with one another. The club attaches particular importance to good contact with the Porsche factory, which is constantly maintained.

In addition to the contacts to other 356 drivers, the club offers other options, such as help with technical problems, purchase advice or further assistance by giving recommended service or restoration addresses.


Heinrich Besserer (President)  0171-41 65 707

The Porsche 356 Club Nederland aims to maintain cars of the Porsche brand with the type designation 356. The club organizes a number of events for its members every year, including a New Year's meeting/Swap meeting, various one-day tours and technical meetings. . A club weekend also takes place every autumn, usually abroad.

A lot of specific technical knowledge is available within the Porsche 356 Club Netherlands. (Prospective) members can appeal to the technical committee, which will assist them with advice and assistance. General information is provided through the club magazine 'De 356' and this website.

Postbus 356, 2400 AJ Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands

Roosje Groen - President


Porsche Classic Club of Denmark -the club's purpose is to promote the preservation of and interest in Porsche models, which are defined by Porsche AG as classic Porsches.The club will work to preserve the cars' originality and to spread knowledge of the classic Porsche sports cars. The club's activities will focus on the members' community of interest in the cars and seek to promote camaraderie among the members. The club will support and advise members regarding the acquisition and maintenance of a classic Porsche.


Mr. Freddie Eriksen - President


Membership of Porsche Club Great Britain means different things to different people. For some it’s the opportunity to form new friendships and create unforgettable memories. For others it’s a portal to expert advice and the means to get the very best from, and for, their Porsche. As well as meeting likeminded enthusiasts, all Club members have access to a busy annual schedule of exclusive local and national events, track days and factory tours, alongside in-depth technical help and advice.


Fred Hampton


The Italian Porsche 356 Registry is the second in Europe in terms of number of members, after Germany, the place where the first enthusiast clubs were born in the early 1950s, and the third in the world after the USA, where the Type 356 it is really a must.

Surely the success of this growth depends mainly on who, 60 years ago, had the extraordinary idea of designing this high-tech car, which over time has become an icon of design and technology; every historical car enthusiast dreams of owning one of these jewels.


Matteo Rocco Pastore  +39 392 9735146 (mobile)


Porsche 356 Club de France is one of the oldest branded clubs, still operating in France. It was in fact on December 9, 1975, that he was officially born. It should be noted that this date (9/12) was undoubtedly the only one available to celebrate the merits of Flat 4, the 3/56, being quite difficult to find on a calendar. This official birth followed a meeting held on December 1, 1975, during which the statutes of the Club were finalized. The Official Journal of January 22, 1976 formalized the newcomer.

Surely the success of this growth depends mainly on who, 60 years ago, had the extraordinary idea of designing this high-tech car, which over time has become an icon of design and technology; every historical car enthusiast dreams of owning one of these jewels.


Mr. Pascal Zundel - President


Welcome to the official website of Porsche Club 356 Portugal

Further than honoring the brand, the Porsche Club 356 Portugal represents a certain way of life and an automotive concept, relating with three main issues: Preservation, History and Culture. Preservation, aiming to protect and maintain the cars in order to deliver them to the next generation. History, to tell its huge successes and minor misadventures, since the day the first 356 arrived in Portugal in 1951. Culture, by understanding the Porsche 356 as a work of art and the symbol of a special taste for good things in life.


Joao de Castro (President) 


The Porsche Classic Club Austria (PCCA) was founded with a view to the great interest of Porsche owners who strive to preserve but also to present the vehicles to the public. The establishment took place in November 1999 with the official approval Zl .: Vr-1558/99.
The recognition by Porsche was confirmed with a certificate at the end of 2001.



Porsche 356 Klubb Norge -The club was founded by a group of enthusiasts on 26 January 1995. The club is registered with  Porsche AG and is part of a worldwide network of Porsche clubs. The club's purpose is to promote interest in classic Porsches, as well as contribute to the maintenance and restoration of the cars.


Mr. Stein Holo - President
+47 91 333 722


Porsche 356 Klubb, Sverige


Mikael Marin


Porsche Classic Club Luxembourg


Paul Decker

The purpose of the Porsche 356 Club Switzerland is to bring together owners of the Porsche types 356, 550 Spyder, 718 and 904 Carrera GTS from the model years 1948 to 1965/1966 to jointly care for the related technical, sporting, tourist and social issues.


Frank Baumann

Porsche Club 356 España -In 1948, the first PORSCHE was built in the Austrian town of Gmund, and in 1952 a group of friends who owned cars of that brand founded the first PORSCHE Club. More than 450 others have followed, and today we have more than 110,000 members worldwide, and both numbers are constantly increasing.

Mr. Joaquim Cumellas Marsá - President

Region: Asia/Pacific

Porsche Club New Zealand
P.O. Box 302 322 
North Harbour, Auckland 0751
The Porsche Club of New Zealand Inc. was established on the 7th December 1975 by 14 keen enthusiasts who are our Founding Members. The Porsche Club of New Zealand (aka PCNZ) currently has over 600 memberships (approximately 1,150 people in total). We welcome all Porsche owners and enthusiasts and our mission is to promote the Marque and increase our member’s enjoyment of their Porsche, through the organisation of regular driving events.

Graham Lister - Email

Porsche Club of Japan - Our Porsche Club is the only manufacturer-recognized club in Japan that has been officially licensed by Porsche AG of Germany and Porsche Japan Co., Ltd. to use their trademarks (excluding the Porsche 356 Club of Japan). Supported exclusively by official Porsche AG clubs and their members through the "Worldwide Club Coordination". If you would like to join, please contact one of the 27 branches nationwide through the Club List or the Porsche Japan website.

Mr. Toshiyuki Suzuki - President

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